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Just in ...

Minister’s Unannounced visit to Agip Base in Bayelsa a Mere Publicity Stunt

Location:  Nigerian Agip Oil Company [NAOC] Base, Twon-Brass, Brass local government area.
Date of Visit:  16th October, 2014
Agip has several facilities in Bayelsa State. They include oil wells, pipelines, manifolds and flowstations. Most of the crude oil from the company’s swamp area are channeled to Twon- Brass, a community on the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean. Agip’s highest facility a tank farm and export terminal are in that vicinity. It would be recalled that, although there are several reported cases of oil spills from the company’s facilities in Bayelsa State,  there was a major operational failure and spill incident at the Brass Terminal loading point on 27th November, 2013. Information at ERA/FoEN’s disposal indicates that Agip paid some money to impacted communities to take care of relief and recently paid another N24 million (twenty four million naira) to communities such as Odioama in connection with the 27th November, 2013 spill.

For quite some time some concerned citizens of Twon-Brass have expressed concern about the crude oil pollution along the Agip canal around the community. This canal runs through the Agip premises into the Brass River and eventually empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The Bayelsa State ministry of environment also, very recently expressed concern on the condition of the canal in question, especially as it concerns the release of effluents from Agip [crude oil inclusive] into the flowing body of water. In the light of the above, it was not really surprising for ERA/FoEN to be alerted on the night of Wednesday, 15th October, 2014 that the Minister of Environment Mrs. Lawrencia Labara-Malla was to visit Agip’s Brass facility the next day.


Press Release

Shell has hijacked UNEP report implementation process, ERA/FoEN Alleges

The inauguration of a committee for the implementation of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report on Ogoniland is a welcome development but with the Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke in the driver’s seat, Shell has obviously hijacked the process, the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has alerted.

Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, who inaugurated the Committee, said the move is part of government’s efforts to seek an enduring solution to the issue. The 14-member Committee is to propose a focused engagement and implementation plan with clearly defined steps and is also mandated to advise the Hydrocarbon Pollution Restoration Project (HYPREP) Advisory Council on the manner in which assets and funds of the project may be held and utilised.

But ERA/FoEN in a statement issued in Lagos said that the minister’s involvement in the process and the inclusion of HYPREP in the exercise clearly makes a mockery of the demands of the Ogoni and civil society groups as clearly spelt out in the UNEP report.



  • Court documents expose Shell’s false claims on Nigeria oil spills: Shell Responds

    Thursday, 13th November 2014

    Court documents revealed by Amnesty International today expose the fact that Shell has repeatedly made false claims about the size and impact of two major oil spills at Bodo in Nigeria in an attempt to minimize its compensation payments. The documents also show that Shell has known for years that its pipelines in the Niger Delta were old and faulty.
    The potential repercussions are that hundreds of thousands of people may have been denied or underpaid compensation based on similar underestimates of other spills.
    The irrefutable evidence that Shell underestimated the Bodo spills emerged in a UK legal action brought by 15,000 people whose livelihoods were devastated by oil pollution in 2008. The court action has forced Shell to finally admit the company has underplayed the true magnitude of at least two spills and the extent of damage caused.

    We have been vindicated that Shell hugely manipulates the Joint Investigation reports to suit their purpose, escape from responsibility and to manage liabilities says Godwin Uyi Ojo, Executive Director ERA

    “Amnesty International firmly believes Shell knew the Bodo data were wrong. If it did not it was scandalously negligent – we repeatedly gave them evidence showing they had dramatically underestimated the spills,” said Audrey Gaughran, Director for Global Issues at Amnesty International.

  • Take Action Vote the Nominee of the Sustainable Development Pinocchio Awards

    Thursday, 6th November 2014

    This year  Environmental Rights Action is collaborating with Friends of the Earth France who  is working together with Peuples Solidaires - Action Aid France and CRID for the 7th year organizing the “Sustainable Development Pinocchio Awards”. The awards highlight the social and environmental impacts of the activities of multinational companies, activities that are in clear contradiction with the sustainable development goals that they claim to respect, commitments that additionally are legally non-binding and have thereby proven to be ineffective.

    There are three categories of nominees; the category “Greener than green” is awarded to “the company which has led the most abusive and misleading communication campaign in regard to its actual activities”. The second category “Dirty hands, full wallet” is awarded to the company “which has the most opaque policy at the financial level, in terms of lobbying or in its supply chain”. The third category “One for all, all for me!” is awarded to the company “which has the most aggressive policy in terms of appropriation, exploitation or destruction of natural resources.”The multinational gas and oil company Total is one of the nominees in the third category for the impacts of their exploitation activities in Nigeria.

  • A Joint Statement issued to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, UNHRC

    Wednesday, 25th June 2014

    This document was submitted to UNHRC in an attempt to seek a redress to the environmental Challenges befalling the people of the Niger Delta and to seek the help of the commission to help bring to book the main culprit transnational company, Shell since international and local advocacy as well as national regulatory agencies have not been able to compel Shell to change and respect human rights in the Niger delta, the regulatory agencies, national governments and the laws of the land.

    This level of impunity demonstrates the dire need for an international mechanism to hold companies to account uniformly rather than allowing for voluntary company mechanisms that are not legally binding.

    Read the Full Statement here

  • Volveremos! - Stand with us or step aside

    Monday, 9th June 2014

    Over the weekend at the Ongoing Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany
    Dr Godwin Ojo, Executive Diretor ERA/FOEN from Nigeria and together with Shenna Sanchez originally from the Philippines  - spoke on behalf of social movements, youth groups, women’s organisations, trade unions, indigenous groups, citizens networks and NGOs - from every corner of the world.

    The Statement presented is here below.

    Thank you Chair for the opportunity to deliver this joint intervention on behalf of the ENGO constituency and the youth constituency.

    Collectively we represent millions if not hundreds of millions of global citizens.

    This morning's action called for an energy transformation towards people's and community energy - a transformation that delivers renewable and clean energy for those with energy, the billions without access to energy as well as generating millions of new green jobs.

    We had hoped to leave a small windmill for each delegation as a gift and a visual example of our demands. Please take one from the stand outside. If you find you can’t get your hand on one - do please check our website or it's also on the small yellow windmills on your desks.

  • “International Anti-Chevron Day”

    Wednesday, 14th May 2014

    “International Anti-Chevron Day”   
    May 21 has been set aside as “International Anti-Chevron Day", to be marked worldwide particularly in Nigeria, Ecuador, Argentina, Romania and the United States where Chevron’s operations have inflicted pain on locals, even as the company evades liability.

    In Nigeria’s Niger Delta Chevron operations has devastated farmlands, forests and water bodies and resulting in human rights violations. On the 16th of January 2012 several massive explosions occurred at the Apoi North Gas wellhead belonging to Chevron. Pollutants and other toxic chemicals from the rig which is located at about 120 nautical miles off the Atlantic ocean bordering several communities led to massive environmental degradation and dislocation of communities. It resulted in the death and destruction of fishes and other aquatic life and ruined the local livelihoods of the typical fishing communities of Koluama 1 and 2, Ekeni, Ezetu, Foropa and Ekebiri in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. Others are Fish town and around Akassa in Brass LGA and several other coastal communities. Chevron's oil extraction activities in the Niger delta communities is leading to environmental degradation and pollution of rivers and farmlands from frequent oil spills and gas flaring and resulting in the destruction of farming and fishing livelihood sources.


Oil Politics

Oil Politics is a weekly newspaper column ( in which Nnimmo Bassey rigorously examines issues relating to the extractive industries as well as other pressing socio-economic issues through the filter of justice.

What is on that Plate?

The theme of the World Environment Day 2013 is “Think. Eat. Save”. Each word is loaded and stands alone, separated by unambiguous periods. That should get us thinking indeed. Many people in the world do not really think before eating. They are more preoccupied by the nagging question of where the next meal would come from. There are also a number of persons whose questions pertain to what to eat out of the myriad of choices on their sumptuous dining tables. And, of course, there are people to whom saving food is not a problem while to yet others there is simply no choice in doing that. There are others who wish to save but cannot do so either due to a lack of means to do so, or for the reason of current insufficiencies.

There is a lot of food for thought in just considering the theme.


Photo Speak

ERA has recently received information that a group calling itself the "Niger Delta Coalition in the Diaspora" is still engaging itself in activities and communications giving the impression that it is linked with Environmental Rights Action (ERA).

This group issues out communications using ERA's headquarter address and mail box. We have never had any ties with this group and any views, comments or opinions expressed by them is not endorsed or authorized by any member of management or staff of ERA.

Green Hotlines
Green Hotlines
Is there a spill, pipeline rupture, fire, gas flare, water, land or air pollution in your community or one you know about? Do you need assistance to respond, and prevent future occurrences or have you noticed any activity that threatens the environment?

In the event of any ecological disaster or threat to the environment, call our toll-free GREEN LINES:  08031230088 & 08031230089

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